Maybe it’s my penchant for cheesy 80’s movies, but to me a single photograph can save the day. Though often only a piece of paper (or even a digital image), a picture is a time machine allowing its viewer to relive the human experience of a moment past. The power captured by the click of a shutter…that lucidity you experience when the onrush of senses and memories hit you; that is why I love photography.

I would classify my style of photography as “lifestyle” or “photojournalistic”. One of the things I enjoy the most about event photography like weddings is that I’m surrounded in those instances by unscripted human emotion. Undoubtedly some of the best images I’ve ever captured come when the subjects don’t even know I’m there. Honestly, the feeling of capturing a genuine look of love and adoration or an ear-to-ear grin is one that never gets old.

That said, I wholeheartedly adore portrait sessions as well. Getting a chance to spend an hour or two with a subject in a beautiful location and really connect with them is what I do best. I like to laugh and smile with my clients…trading stories, telling jokes…and ultimately I want my clients to be comfortable in front of the lens. I’ll do anything crazy and adventurous for a great shot. I do my very best to capture the inherent beauty in any moment in time.

In my professional experience I continually find the most success by focusing on a positive working relationship while exceeding expectations when delivering projects to my clients. To that end I pride myself in working tirelessly to ensure they’re comfortable with the overall process and are happy with the final product.

~ Kris

Creative Portrait Photography Denver Colorado - Kris Farruggia
  • “Kris did an amazing job at my wedding. He looks beyond the typical poses you see everyday and makes his photography an art. I couldn’t be happier with how our pictures turned out.”

    – Christine & Tony DiAnnie
  • “Kris was our photographer for our wedding this past Fall, and he did an all around exceptional job! Despite our somewhat overcast weather, the variety of photos turned out gorgeous… The shots taken definitely displayed his knack for creativity.”

    – Tianna & Chance Buckner
  • “We are extremely pleased with our wedding photos! We have memories for many years to come! Kris and his partner went above and beyond for us! He is extremely talented and a true artist!”

    – Sarah & Damon Trachsel
  • “From the planning process to the delivery of the final product, Kris is an awesome communicator, he has an artistic eye, and he knows how to deliver a package that will meet a wide variety of budgets, events and needs.”

    – Molly & Kevin Dimond
  • “Kris was incredible to work with! He has so much passion for photography and is devoted in getting to know the couple and fully capturing the memories of their wedding day (the small and big moments).”

    – Meghan & Gary Dack

An Investment

I recognize and fully appreciate that hiring a wedding photographer represents a significant investment in your wedding day. While many in the industry employ marketing gimmicks and inflated packages I firmly believe in the value of transparency and so have structured my pricing as an all-in, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) hourly rate.

Wedding day coverage starts at $375 per hour and can be tailored to fit most budgets. I offer three packages at that hourly rate with increasing inclusions as follows. For more information on PASS albums or general pricing questions feel free to contact me or visit the FAQ section.

Ceremony Plus

  • 6 Hrs. Coverage
  • 240-300 Photos
  • PASS Album
  • Retouching
  • Second Shooter
  • (4) Free Prints
  • Engagement Session
    Engagement sessions available starting at $250 when paired with a package!

Full Day

  • 8 Hrs. Coverage
  • 320-400 Photos
  • PASS Album
  • Retouching
  • Second Shooter
  • (4) Free Prints
  • Engagement Session
    Engagement sessions available starting at $250 when paired with a package!

All Day

  • 10 Hrs. Coverage
  • 450+ Photos
  • PASS Album
  • Retouching
  • Second Shooter
  • (4) Free Prints
  • Discounted Engagement Session


Below I’ve tried to gather a list of questions I find I’m often asked by clients. Though the list isn’t entirely inclusive by any means I hope it provides a bit more clarity around some of my typical practices and such. Don’t see your question listed? Please feel free to shoot me an email or use the contact form here and I’m happy to answer as quickly as possible.


Though I live in Lakewood, a suburb west of Denver, CO, I travel all over these beautiful United States regularly for work. My “main office” though is at my home in Lakewood.


I try my best to keep somewhat “normal” business hours although that has it’s way of never working out. I’m regularly available Monday – Friday via cell phone during the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm unless I’m with a client or at a shoot. Please feel free to text or call my cell number at 720-320-7343 during those hours with any general inquiries and if I’m busy I’ll get back to you just as soon as I am able.

I work whatever hours the shoot calls for, whether it’s astro-timelapse that requires me to be up and out the door by 3:00 am or a shoot that’s got me at a venue until after midnight; I’m there. That said, on heavy shoot weeks my schedule can get a little wonky so I do apologize if I’m not readily available.

Additionally I can be reached most weekends though do try and take personal time if I’m not shooting for a client. Bottom line: if you leave me a message or shoot me an email / text; I’ll get back with you ASAP. 🙂

I’m a complete and total gear nut…so I’m always trying one new thing or another here and there. In general, however, at the moment I prefer to shoot with Canon gear for both stills and video. The Canon color profile is really just gorgeous IMO and really hard to beat. That said and otherwise; I’ve really found myself using whatever it takes to get the job done!

My current gear setup is as follows:

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon EOS C100 Mark I w/dual pixel auto focus upgrade
Canon 6D

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 II
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II
Canon 100mm f/2.8 IS Macro
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II (rental)
Canon 50mm f/1.2 L IS (rental)
Canon 85mm f/1.2 L (rental)
Samyang 14mm f/2.8

Rode Videomic Pro
Zoom H4N Recorder
Sennheiser EW100 G Wireless Mic (rental)

Aerial Photo/Cinema:
DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter
Zenmuse X5 Gimbal
DJI X5 Micro 4/3 Camera
DJI C1 Remote
Apple iPad Mini + DJI Pilot App (FPV System)

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter
Zenmuse Gimbal
DJI Camera w/1″ Sensor
DJI Remote
Apple iPad Mini + DJI Pilot App (FPV System)

DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal
Manfrotto MVH500A Fluid Head + Monopod
Manfrotto MVH502A Fluid Head + 535 CF Tripod

Motion Control:
Konova 40” Slider
Konova 2-Axis Motorization Rig

Glad you asked 🙂

While I could drone on about my technical knowledge or experience I really do think my success as a freelance artist boils down to three simple values:

1) I care about my clients: Part of the fun of this type of work is getting to know so many new people. I really take pride in understanding my client’s needs and trying to put myself in their shoes in any given situation.
2) I practice the lost art of customer service: Whether that’s simply returning a voicemail or treating clients with the respect I would expect; customer service really goes a long way. As the saying goes: a person will tell only one person about a good experience they’ve had, but they’ll tell 10 people about a bad experience.
3) I believe in the value of my work: I’m a perfectionist at heart…while that’s often a detriment on my personal time I strive produce the absolute best piece of work I can for my clients. I’m happy with and proud to deliver each and every product I deliver to my clients.

What this all boils down to is a basic compassion and understanding. I’m not a “wham bam, thank you ma’am” freelance artist and I’m not here to gouge anyone. I do my absolutely best to understand client needs up front and work to deliver the absolute best product I can within the scope…that way there are zero surprises and everyone ends up happy in the end.

It’s like my mother always said: treat people the way you would like to be treated!


One of the things I enjoy the most is being able to get out and meet / work with other professionals in the industry. I believe that always being in a constant state of learning allows me to keep things fresh and not get left behind in terms of technology.

So yes…I’ve shot as a second shooter for both photo and film projects…so please call or email me and I’d be happy to work with you.

Technically with my stills camera I could switch back and form between photo and film, however as a practice I make it a point not to try and do so.

I’m usually shooting film with a completely different set of gear (camera included) that would make it impractical for me to shoot both at the same time. In that case I would also invariably miss important events with one medium or the other; simply because I can’t do both at once.

If you’re interested in my services for photography and video for the same event, however, I can still usually accommodate by hiring additional shooters for photo or film (or both).

If this is something that interests you please let me know and I’ll be happy to include those options in your personal quote.


Not only to I love to travel and do as much as I can in my personal time, there’s just something about the excitement of a new location and new shooting opportunities that makes me feel like a kid at Christmas time.

So it doesn’t matter where…if I can make it there with my gear; I’m in!

I do include travel up to 50 miles from my home address in Lakewood which should cover most of the Denver Metro Area. If your project or location is at a further distance I add a reasonable mileage trip fee on top of the project’s costs. If the project is at a great distance from Denver and requires air travel I will require reimbursement for travel costs.

Basically I’m not looking to profit at all from a project’s location…simply reimbursed for my expenses in getting there 🙂

My hourly prices cover everything from initial consultation all the way through to product delivery. This does include retouching and editing the initial photos from the shoot.

Upon delivery if a client would like to see additional editing done I am happy to do so at a reasonable hourly rate. So what does that mean?

  • If a client decides they don’t like the broach Aunt Bess is wearing and would like me to remove it in all her pictures; that’s additional editing.
  • If the client would like all photos delivered in color as black and white and visa-versa; that’s additional editing.
  • If a client doesn’t like the color of the shirt they’re wearing and want to see it as a different hue; that’s additional editing.
  • If a client doesn’t like the power lines showing in the distance on a photo or two; that’s additional editing.

These are a few cases I can think of to help describe what I consider “above and beyond” normal retouching and editing. Truthfully though I have a very keen eye for details when editing photos and don’t often get requests for additional edits.

As in other cases, I’m happy to review any specific needs with clients during consultations to avoid any surprises 🙂

The stills camera I currently shoots with (Canon 5D Mark III) produces an absolutely beautiful 22.3 megapixel image if not cropped in any way in post processing.

So what does that mean?

Technically “hi-res” image when it comes to print is classified so because it has a resolution of at least 240 dots/pixels per inch (DPI/PPI). The 5DM3 produces an un-cropped image of 5760 x 3840 pixels…so applying a little math it can produce a totally crisp image at 16 x 24 inches.

That said I typically deliver all my photos at 300 DPI allowing for most sizes to be reproduced. Additionally, I’ve blown my photos up to poster size (24 x 36) without any loss in clarity to my eye and so that’s as big as I’d be comfortable “selling” in terms of hi-res. I’ve actually read many articles, however, describing instances where photographers have blown photos from the 5DM3 up to life size without any noticeable loss in clarity either…so there’s always that option 🙂

If you have specific ideas of where / how you’re going to display or print your photos please let me know up front…that way I can be cognizant of that during post processing and ensure the final product is exactly what you’re after. 🙂

In most cases I crop photos to an aspect ratio that fits most common frame sizes…usually a 4 x 6 or a 5 x 7 aspect ratio. I say “aspect ratio” to denote that the file size is usually much larger and can be printed large within the same aspect ratio (i.e. a 4 x 6 photo can usually be printed at 8 x 12 or 12 x 18 just fine).

Cropping, however, isn’t done arbitrarily as it’s part of the artistic process (composition). In some cases re-cropping can be done relatively easily, while in others it just isn’t possible; it depends completely upon the original digital negative.

If, after receiving your photos, you have some that you’d like to see re-cropped to fit a certain from size…or perhaps change from portrait to landscape; I’m happy to do so if it is possible for a very reasonable additional hourly rate.

As I mentioned in the previous Q&A (see “what is hi-res?” above) if you know or have any idea of a specific print / frame size before receiving your photos please let me know and I’d be happy to accommodate as much as I can upfront to avoid any re-cropping. 🙂

As a general practice they’re not included in my pricing. And here’s why:

I’ve experienced first hand the sticker shock of the bait & switch practiced historically within this industry. The upcharge methodology with prints and albums seems unethical and gets way too convoluted especially when you start offering “credits” as a part of packages.

When you hire me as a photographer you’re paying for my services to shoot and process the photos. From there in most cases the files are yours to print for personal use as you wish. The only exception there is if the photos are used to market a product or make money in which case we’d need to discuss licensing.

All of that said; I do have relationships with a handful of print studios that I’d be happy to either put you in contact with or put together an album / print package for a reasonable additional hourly fee.

Please let me know if this is something you’d like to add as a part of your services.

In a word: yes. However I highly recommend against it.

In those cases where I’ve included a second shooter it’s because I’ve experienced shooting those events alone. Invariably I will miss pieces of the event…simply due to the fact that I can’t be in more than one place at one time.

Having a second shooter allows me to capture so much more and really ensure I don’t miss any of those special moments that can’t be redone.

With it being the 21st century and me being a total technology geek; I’ve found that digital delivery of files works the best for my clients.

I utilize an online sharing service call PASS for all my photo clients. If you’d lick to see a demo of the features please click here: PASS Demo

I’ve had great feedback from clients when using this interface as it’s specifically designed for shoot and share style photographers. Within the interface you can save favorites, download hi-res photos, or even order prints if you’d like. The cost of the service is included in my pricing as well.

PASS interfaces beautifully with social media like Facebook and Twitter and also offers great privacy options like password protection and user management…so if that’s important to you it’s not a problem. It’s also built to interface with mobile devices like Android and Apple phones…and in fact has its own app you can download if you like (search “PASS” in app stores).

The best part? The files are archived digitally for 10 years! So you can continue to share and share as much as you’d like for years to come.

So in a nutshell; that’s how your files are delivered. If you would like your files on CD /DVD or flash drive I can easily do that as well for a very small additional fee.

In every case I exercise extremely stringent quality control when processing projects. While it’s true that there might be hundreds of shutter clicks between my second shooter and I during the session; the images I release to clients are what I feel are presentable and meet my QC standards.

Beyond a safety period following the event or shoot I don’t keep nor do I release those images that are blurry, poorly exposed, extremely noisy, or near duplicates. I really do strive to capture the most candid of moments and deliver all that I can 🙂

I also don’t by practice release digital negatives because, unfortunately, this work is in an industry in which my reputation as a professional artist is only as good as my latest published image.

All that said, I am happy to discuss a licensing release if this is something you absolutely would like to have available.

This one is a hard one…because I know that people all see themselves differently and what looks good to me might not be what looks good to the subject in the photos I take. As a person who has a hard time finding a picture of myself that I like I am definitely empathetic to a desire to choose, however the answer is no. But hang with me…here’s why:

Whether behind the camera or otherwise I consider myself an artist and my abilities as an artist are what I consider my brand. It’s those abilities (or eye, as some call it) that ostensibly draw clients to my work and so although I’m typically humble in my expression of it; I am extremely proud of my work and resulting brand. In short: it’s why I’m hired.

That said I try to be conscious when shooting and so typically ask clients if there’s anything they’d like me to avoid shooting. In most cases I can accommodate though I’ve also been told things like “I never liked myself in profile until your photos” so all I ask is that you give me a chance 🙂

I promise you’ll have fun and that I’ll work my hardest to deliver exceptional shots for you…just try me 🙂

My contract provisions state that, in most cases, I retain ownership of the rights for any photos I take. There’s also, however, a provision allowing you as the client the rights to print your photos for personal use as much or as often as you’d like.

So what does that mean?

Essentially it boils down to distribution and marketing.

If you’d like to use your photo in your own business, for example, and make thousands of copies that’ll be distributed regionally; we’d need to chat about licensing.

If you want to make prints for your house and for your friends and family that’s perfectly okay 🙂

If you have any further questions on this piece please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to answer as much as I can!

Nope. Not at all 🙂

I genuinely appreciate your interest in my services and so I’m happy to schedule an introductory conversation to review the specifics of your wedding free of charge.

After our initial conversation I will deliver a quote in .pdf format for you to review at your leisure.

If my prices seem higher it might be because they’re meant to be all inclusive in most cases. When it comes to spending my hard earned money I don’t like surprises and so accordingly I don’t believe in up-charging fees left and right or throwing out a “sale” or “discount” price to lure clients in the door so to speak.

When I deliver your personal quote it will cover everything from initial consultation to product delivery and everything in between. The largest portion of that in terms of my labor really comes at the “post processing” or “editing” stage.

To give you an idea, for every hour of shooting I do at a session I spend 3-4 hours in that “post production” stage going through images, color correcting, adjusting composition, etc… That’s the real magic behind the scenes if you will and the lion’s share of the work on any project; hands down.

As a part of every project I will provide you with a quote up front that will provide a detailed explanation of what those charges cover. As always I’m happy to elaborate in any way I can. 🙂

I accept payment via check or good old fashioned cash money.

I also accept major credit or debit card payments directly or via Paypal for an additional fee (3%). The additional fee covers processing charges passed from the processing companies.

I absolutely understand that payment for my services can be a substantial investment, and so in that regard I’m happy to work with clients to provide reasonable payment plans that I can easily write into the contract. In these instances I do require at least 25% down upon signing of the contract but can stagger payments for the remaining 50-75%.

If a payment plan is something that might interest you please contact me directly and let me know…I’m happy to work within your available budget. 🙂

As is typical in the industry I do require a non-refundable booking fee however it isn’t an additional fee (on top of your package) and it does come out of the down payment. To reserve your wedding date I require a fee that is the larger of either 20% of your day’s services or $500.


In most cases it’s to cover myself for lost business…as you’d guess I receive multiple inquiries for most weekends throughout the year and so that booking fee ensures your date is reserved in front of all other inquiries. That said, your date isn’t set in stone per se. If your date changes and I’m able to slot you into another opening; no problem at all. If you cancel your date altogether and I’m able to re-book the date I’m happy to refund your fee as well. Basically I’m not looking to make a free buck…just want to make sure I’m covered in the case that I turn away other potential clients.

I do require a contract for each and every wedding I shoot. In my experience though it may seem a burden for something small like a ceremony only but it really does help to keep everyone on the same page and hold both parties accountable.

In general all of my contracts cover things like project information / description, payment terms, liability, model releases, and project deliverables…though each is different in that all projects are different (i.e. I don’t just have one “standard” contract). All of the contract provisions, however, are really meant to protect both parties and keep accountability straight.

I will spend as much time as necessary reviewing the contract with clients prior to signing so that everyone involved understands what’s within the project scope. I’m happy to do that either in person or over the phone and do offer e-signing for contracts (in fact I prefer that method as it produces a .pdf document for both parties to easily keep electronically filed).

For most weddings I require a 50% down payment upon signing the contract with the remaining 50% due by the week before your wedding date.

Payment requirements and options will be outlined in your detailed quote prior to contract signing so that, again, no surprises. 🙂