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Pleasure To Meet You.

My Name’s Kris.

I suppose you’re wondering who I am…

That’s actually hard to say though. I’ve spent most of my life exploring ‘who’ I am by trying to define ‘what’ I am. And what I am depends on what consumes my time…and truth is I spend most of my time thinking about ways to make reality more interesting.

I’ve explored art, photography, videography, music, production, writing, and basically anything interesting. I’ve played in bands, done website design, explored graphic design, and even tried my hand in motion graphics. I’m a Jack of all things interesting, and a master of none. I’m creative…that’s what and who I am.

So welcome to my online dumping ground. This site will serve as my personal outlet for things that interest me, my online portfolio, and portal for my clients. I am truly humbled that you’ve stopped to visit…enjoy! And feel free to drop me a line at with any feedback.

Thank you,


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